Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Tournament on OnLive Grand Prize $100!

An OnLive community member (Ted Daniel) is hosting a Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Tournament on September 14th. In order to enter you will need to own the game on the OnLive platform and signup for the tournament at the OnLiveFansForum. If you do end up registering for the site, please do me a favor and use Germaximus as your reference!

The event will start at 2pm Central time. Here are the prizes:

  • 1st place – Will be your choice of $100 visa gift card or $50 card with a $49.99 gifted game!
  • 2nd place– A $40 card or $20 with a $19.99 game.
  • 3rd- place– A $15 card.

Pretty awesome prizes for being a fan supported tournament!

street fighter iv 4

Official rules:

The tournament is double elimination, meaning if you lose you will move to losers bracket for a chance to stay in the tournament. If you lose in losers bracket you will be eliminated.

Every match will be 2 out of 3 rounds. And every set will be 2 out of 3 matches. 

Losers Finals and Winners Finals will be done in a best of 5 set. 

The one who moves on from losers finals will face the player in winners for our Grand finals. The one coming from losers must win the best of 5 set twice, once to reset the bracket and a second to win the tournament. The player coming from winners must win once.

More details on the rules can be found at OLFF (must be logged in to view).

Also, be sure to join the OnLive Community group on Facebook!



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