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A new behind-the-scenes look at South Park The Stick of Truth talks about full immersion and low video game scores. Matt Stone and Trey Parker were not going to have another game released that they didn’t have a full hands-on approach to this time around. (I remember playing a third-person shooter South Park game that I thought was pretty entertaining.)

Matt and Trey were the ones who came up with the idea for their next game and went around talking directly to developers to see who could bring it to life, not publishers. Obsidian Entertainment put together a prototype for Matt and Trey and apparently that’s how they decided to work with them.

Matt and Trey are very specific with the animations they do in the show and they didn’t just want South Park The Stick of Truth to be similar. They wanted it to be perfectly authentic to the “crappy-ness” of the show. Any of us that have seen gameplay trailers for the game probably think it looks spot on, right?

Trey explains that the reason we play as an all new player-created new student in South Park The Stick of Truth is because he hates when he plays a video game when the character speaks for him and says things he would not want to say. I totally understand that! While I’m perfectly fine playing video games that are like that, sometimes I do get mad at what my character says cuz I think it’s kind of ridiculous and certainly not something I would say in that situation.

I did find it funny that one of the in-game scenes basically introduces your character as “thinks he’s hot sh**”. So, who’s putting words in our mouth here, Trey?! Totally playing, but it kind of does seem just a tiny bit off. I don’t mind at all.

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If it wasn’t already obvious, South Park The Stick of Truth basically represents the games the kids have played throughout the television series. It’s not based on the episodes, it just lets us become a part of that world. I love it because every time I see those episodes, I want to play those games! With the South Park kids of course! Who doesn’t want to have Cartman throw a ninja-star into their eyeball?

The ultimate power of South Park The Stick of Truth apparently will come from your ***hole. And we won’t just be pressing a button to make that power come to life. We will be using analog controls to get a better feel for that fartastic power. While that is funny, it’s also my least favorite thing about South Park. Terrence and Phillip make me laugh but that farting stuff is just stupid. I do love the way Trey describes and acts out the power of farting in this game though.

I can’t wait to meet the aliens of South Park, see what exactly the Sunshine girls are up to, and be the ultimate hero in South Park The Stick of Truth! =)

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