Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Walkthrough Detailed

Shadow of Mordor is yet another game that promises that the way we interact with characters and the story-line will have an effect on the world depending on our choices. I used to believe this stuff when I would read about it. Not anymore. Not that I don’t think this will be possible, but it’s never as awesome as they make it out to be. That said, Shadow of Mordor looks really, really cool!

Starting off in this new game-play video of Shadow of Mordor, I was reminded a little bit of Viking: Battle for Asgard, except super ridiculously enhanced of course. (I like Viking, it’s also a cool game.) The first game-play feature we’re introduced to is called the “Nemesis system”. The Nemesis system is how personal choices are to reflect what happens in the game. Every play-through is said to have all new and unique enemies depending on our decisions throughout. For example, in the video one of the surviving enemies that our main character had previously faced survived and has now become a slave-master. The way it’s described suggests that we could have killed this enemy earlier on.

Another feature of Shadow of Mordor shown in the video is the Wraith system. It works very much like Eagle Vision in the Assassin’s Creed games. As soon as I saw this part come up I couldn’t help but laugh. I had just read something about a developer of Assassin’s Creed 1&2 saying something about how he didn’t realize he made a Middle-Earth game. He was being playful about it.

There are definitely Assassin’s Creed features brought into this game which is far from unusual. It’s actually a compliment as long as it isn’t a straight copy. The main difference here with the Wraith system is it looks like it’s also used to slow time and allows us to teleport to our enemies. It also allows us to control minds, forcing our targets to Spy, Assassinate, Terrorize, or Sacrifice. Whoa!

It gets even better. Controlling our targets mind also let’s us go into the enemies head and see who their “friends” and leaders are, allowing us to choose which target we would like them to Spy, Assassinate, Terrorize, or Sacrifice. (I may be understanding that wrong. I’m going by what we’re shown in the video. It’s possible that we may only be able to target one of the many enemies we can see the relationship to our target for as was used for example.) Expanding on the mind-control, whatever troops your target has under his control will also be under your control since they do whatever your target wants them to. How awesome is that?!

shadow of mordor

Shadow of Mordor offers a few different ways to engage our enemies such as bait for distraction, stealth, and of course full on smash-your-face-in aggressive attacks. We’ll also be able to use the time of day and weather to decide when we want to enter certain missions. One example in the video is going in while it’s raining at night to use both the rain and darkness as cover. Again, this may end up sounding much better than it actually is, and our decisions might not have as much an effect as they make it sound. But it looks awesome!

The combat in Shadow of Mordor looks very much like Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham, Sleeping Dogs, Viking: Battle for Asgard, and of course others like them. So, I’m in love. There’s one battle scene shown where the main character throws an enemy through a campfire lighting him on fire while he turns to face his next foe. Very cool! (Two minutes, ten seconds into the video is an awesome in-game combat scene.)

The narration in the video is excellent! I would not normally expect that in a gameplay preview like this. Pretty cool. Shadow of Mordor looks amazing! What do you think?

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  • CMoney 4 Life

    It looks pretty freakin awesome! Was not expecting that at all.

    • Germaximus

      Me too. I was interested but I was planning to just wait and see whatever like. Then I saw this and I was like oooohhhh.

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