Quantum Break TV Show Coincides With Game

A Quantum Break TV show will launch with or around the same time as the game. I haven’t found a confirmation on whether or not they will launch on exactly the same day. My guess is that the TV show will start a bit after the game launches.

The Quantum Break TV show will offer alternate scenes based on choices that players make while playing the game. It reminds me of how Telltale Games waits months before releasing a new episode to their episodic games so that they can get the results of player choices. Very cool. We’ll see how Remedy Entertainment handles it with their own TV show.

What’s really interesting and strange is, Sam Lake says that the Quantum Break TV show will have an affect on the game as you play it. Somehow, the game will effect the TV show, and the TV show will then affect the game. How is that even possible?!

The production team is already working on filming what they believe is every possible alternate outcome in order to prepare for the game and TV show’s launch. That’s amazing and I’m still confused on exactly how it’s going to work. I can’t wait to find out.

The Quantum Break TV show and game are scheduled for release some time in 2015. Check out the eight minute beautiful gameplay demo and details!

Thank you, Polygon.

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