Quantum Break Gameplay Gamescom Demo and Details

Remedy Entertainment released an eight minute demonstration of Quantum Break gameplay for Gamescom. I was hoping there would be more to talk about but unfortunately it’s an eight minute tease of awesome!

The demo shows off how players can manipulate time. A lot of us are probably used to slow time effects in games but the Quantum Break gameplay adds an interesting new thing I hadn’t really seen before. 

In a lot of games that allow us to freeze time, the screen freezes and we’re free to move about for a short duration. Quantum Break gameplay offers the same mechanic as well of course. On top of it looking super awesome and having cool visuals, there is also a new time control mechanic. This one puts a time bubble around your target that freezes them while the rest of the world continues on as normal. It’s a very minor change but I really like it. Especially since you can mix and match the two different time control mechanics. 

We still don’t know everything about the game yet either. Remedy Entertainment might have some more time control tricks up their sleeves.

According to Sam Lake, writer and developer, choices will matter throughout the campaign. We’ll even be able to play the villain and see through his eyes. 

Check out the beautiful eight minutes of Quantum Break gameplay below. After that, you might want to have a read about how there is also a television show being made that will affect the game and vice versa!

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  • TTAR

    My gosh, that looks terribly awesome!!!

    • http://germaximus.com/ Germaximus

      lol If I had the money I would seriously buy an Xbox One for this game alone.

  • Nick Kilcoyne

    Sounds cool. I want to know more.

    • http://germaximus.com/ Germaximus

      Me too! I also want a friggin Xbox One! grrrr

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