My Marvel Heroes Adventures Issue #1

Marvel Heroes is really hard to stop playing once I start since my recent return. I still cannot get over how much the game has changed since Closed Beta and its initial Open Beta. It is a full blown incredible ARPG experience that is even more rewarding than I remember Diablo 2 being. Seriously.

Neverending And Amazing Loot

Marvel Heroes is the ultimate farming machine! It’s almost as if they might as well have called the game “Marvel Loot“. At only level 13 I had stopped looting green and vendor items because so many blue quality and higher items were dropping. It gets even better! Eternity Splinters are rare items that you can use to buy characters available in the Marvel Heroes cash shop. So instead of spending $10-$20 for a character, you can play the game and wait out the farming of Eternity Splinters. Character costs range anywhere from 175 (random pick) Eternity Splinters to 400 (your choice). I’m level 26 now and have around 90 splinters. Anybody that is impatient to play a new character will complain about it, but I am really impressed with the drop rate. Marvel Heroes is completely free to play. 

I do have to admit although the loot always feels rewarding, it’s not always an upgrade. I find a ridiculous amount of superior items the whole time I’m playing but since I received some absolutely incredible gear in my lower levels, upgrades don’t come very often. It still has a rewarding feeling to me though. Here’s why, the items don’t suck. Even if they aren’t upgrades, they are super cool. I’m always like, “Damn, if I wasn’t already so lucky with previous drops, this item would be totally awesome”.

marvel heroes c

Early on I got an item that has a chance on hit to summon a demonic-looking companion to fight alongside me. He’s been a faithful servant for many levels now. Earlier today I got a new item that can summon yet another type of companion, this one is a large fiery dog that looks super cool. And just before I had decided to take a break from the game I received a new item that has a chance on hit to summon either, Cyclops, Wolverine, or Colossus clones! It also increases not only the damage of my companions, but their summoned duration! Oh, and on top of that it gives me +1 to all of my abilities. Wholly crap! I need one more level to equip it. I cannot wait! Amazing.

I did make my first purchase today for $5. I “had” to buy a stash slot but I really didn’t mind. The fact that I know I can play this game free makes me want to support them even more. I also plan to buy a costume for my awesome Storm character after I get paid next month. Unless if by some crazy chance I get super lucky and receive that costume as a drop beforehand. I remember when I had played the Closed Beta I thought this would probably be the first free-to-play game I’d ever spend real money on, and now it is.

Powerful Gameplay

When I had returned to the game a week ago, I believe I was level 4 from having played a tiny bit after the very first day of the Open Beta. I was level 21 when I booted the game up earlier today and took a break after having played to 26 for a bit. It doesn’t feel grindy at all. I don’t even really look at how I’m doing on XP because enemies never stop coming and I’m having fun.

marvel heroes a

I often laugh out loud at how powerful my character is. It does feel like I’m overpowered, but it feels more natural and intended than something to worry about. I’m Storm, I damn well better be powerful!

The main villain bosses are pretty cool. They’re different than the champion and mini-boss types. They’re easy so far for the most part but they also provide more of a challenge than every other boss out there. Today I got to fight alongside some other players against the Blob and a surprise addition of the Toad as he joins in the fight. Very cool. Then I came across Sabretooth and fought him alongside someone playing as Loki. Loki is the newest addition to the roster and looks really cool to play as. You fight many famous villains while solo or grouped (I’ve mostly been solo so far) during the main mission instances you go into, and also out in the open world. Some can even be found in the side dungeons. You do not need to group but you can. Open world XP is shared by nearby players and grouping is automatic when convenient (if you enter a dungeon at the same time).  It’s a great system.

I joined a couple of other people playing Storm on two separate occasions and was absolutely shocked to see both of them using a completely different playstyle than me. I was surprised because the ability I have been using is Chain Lightning that just bounces through enemies and destroys mobs very quickly. The other abilities look fun also, and I have every intention of trying them out. I just thought it was very interesting that two other Storms were played completely differently. Of course most of the Storms I come across do use the same ability that I am. I imagine these two players might be trying something different with her which is awesome.

marvel heroes b

Prestige And Difficulty Levels

That’s right. Marvel Heroes has the option to Prestige your character! I don’t know the full details. I don’t even know what the level cap is right now, but I definitely can’t wait to see how the Prestige system works in this game. 

Much like the Diablo games, there are different difficulties that you can play. I haven’t tried them yet but the last that I remember is that you don’t have to “complete” the game to change the difficulty. Pretty dang cool, right?

I had a lot more to say but this article has already gone far longer than I expected. I’ll have to return with my notes another time. Thanks for reading! And definitely give this game a play if you enjoy ARPGs. It’s on Steam! More of my screenshots.

Note: The title of this article is in case I return to tell you more about my adventures in the game, which I have every intention of doing! I expect an Issue #2 to happen. I just don’t know when.



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  • Roman

    Honest review of this game: it sucks and is definitely not worth playing . its fun for about and hour or 2 until you understand it has no future, and is nothing more then a money scam. this game has no fun factor. unless spaming 1-2 aoe damage dealing spells all game long. you have 3 trees that can only be build 1 way. you have spells which only 2 you will use others are useless. pvp is a joke. its not even pvp but more for a player vs tower. this game has been dead and should stay that way. Highly recommend not playing this.

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