12,000 Arkham Credits To All Arkham Origins PC MP Players

Splash Damage tweeted out the good news about giving every single Arkham Origins PC player 12,000 Arkham credits for multiplayer due to the issues with multiplayer not awarding credits properly.

The bad news is that the multiplayer still hasn’t been completely fixed. Loading times tend to be ridiculously long and then end up in a black screen of nothing until you shut the game down.

I have started to think that some of the multiplayer issues might have to do with the host. A few of the games I’ve gotten into were fairly quick comparatively speaking to other matches. I have noticed a game stop because the host disappeared. So I can’t help but wonder if maybe some of these issues are due to the host of the game not having a computer that is up to par for it.

Whatever happens, I hope the multiplayer is fixed real fast. It’s already been too long that I fear people won’t even bother returning to try it some more. I hope once they have worked out all of the kinks they do some nice events. I think they’ll need some incentive to bring the players back. The multiplayer has been really enjoyable so far in the very few matches I’ve been able to play. but the length of the loading screen alone is frustrating, and that’s not counting the bugs.

One very unfortunate bug from single player that effects the multiplayer is being unable to perform a ground take-down while standing. And that is absolutely key when you play as the heroes.

Enjoy your 12,000 credits if you can!



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  • Silent Dogwood

    Console player here. It’s broken, that’s for sure, but when I do manage to get into a game, it’s fun as hell. Here’s hoping they fix it soon.

    • http://germaximus.com/ Germaximus

      Oh my gosh the whole thing is so frustrating! I really like the multiplayer but I never find myself in a rush to go sit in the lobby waiting for players. It seems things are smoother on PC now but It’s hard to tell since I can’t get much actual play time in and I don’t care to bother to check.

      It reminds me a lot of Tomb Raiders MP. I really like it but nobody plays. I don’t like these multiplayer games that force you to wait in a lobby until a full match is ready. It’s a waste of time and makes it so nobody plays. Have it drop-in/drop-out and just let people play. ugh!

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