The Castle Doctrine Pre-Launch Contest

The Castle Doctrine is a game I have zero interest in. Cool way to start an article, right? Well, the promotion the developer is holding for the game is absolutely ridiculous-super-cool so I had to share it. 

In order to enter you need to purchase The Castle Doctrine and play it. You have a chance at winning up to $3000 but that amount is not guaranteed and the money will be split among every single living player in the game. There are some fun rules behind it that could make the final prize pool drop down a little bit. But that’s not to say it won’t be a full $3000. It depends on the players and how much they make. Apparently the goal of the game is to steal money and items from other peoples homes while also keeping your own home protected. For every $146 in the game you have by the end of the giveaways deadline you will earn $1 in real life. 

the castle doctrine moneys

The deadline is January 27th so there’s enough time to steal as much money as you can in-game, but not enough time to think about it. The developer is also giving out a few physical prizes as well, such as paintings, a club, a door devil (I dunno), and a gift card for a gun shop in Mexico. Funny stuff. Check out the trailer of the game below and visit the official blog post to see all the details, rules, and prizes. I’ve read the rules and they’re not that bad. He’s very specific and it seems like a very fun event. If you do decide to enter, I wish you lots of luck!

Thanks to Game Breaker for the share!



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