Bound By Flame First Impressions

Bound By Flame First Impressions

After booting up the game, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful music on the title screen. And it’s just as beautiful in-game.

The second thing I noticed was how terrible the character creation is. I chose between a male and a female with five or six different face types, and five or six different hair styles which I couldn’t even change the color of. Also, apparently choosing the name for my character has absolutely no effect on the game.

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. It was a tad disappointing especially not being able to choose the color of my hair. I mean, seriously? But it allowed me to jump into the game and get to playing and I was fine with that.

The opening cinematic was okay. The story is sort of interesting but the second half of the opening cinematic was lagged up and the voice-over was done talking before the cinematic was over.

Horrible Dialogue

The main story is interesting but also boring. Nothing that hasn’t been done before but demons that take over people’s bodies always has me interested. Then you got the main super evil bad guy who is summoning hordes of enemies on the world, so yeah, whatevs. Not bad, not great.

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The dialogue is what made me wanna slap myself for even playing the game. All of the basic interactions with NPCs are so boring with basically every day chit chat. One of the first things an NPC says to me is, “Did you have a nice walk?” Seriously? That’s part of the main story! So far, a lot of the cinematics and dialogue of the main story are horrible and pointless.

When the game gets into the actual main plot talking about the super evil bad guy and my inner demon it’s not so bad. It’s just that the rest of the dialogue is absolutely horrendous. It makes me think the story was written by a teenager, maybe early twenties. If that’s the case, that is awesome. Not a bad place to start, that’s for sure. It’s obviously amateur work but this is an indie game, right? That makes it forgive-able to me while still annoying and also impressive. Weird mix of feelings, I know.

The worst part of the writing is all of the unnecessary profanity. It’s not that I’m against profanity, it’s just that it’s used so needlessly. It’s as if the game is trying to say, “See, I’m an adult. I can cuss!”

I Love The Combat

The first forty-five minutes or so is basically a tutorial. I got spammed with annoying boxes explaining really basic stuff quite often. They aren’t super horrible but most of it was super easy to figure out for myself just looking at what the keybinds do.

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I started as the Warrior class which made me realize I didn’t get to pick a class at character creation. Come to find out it’s because after I got past the initial opening of the game I can switch between the two classes on the fly. The third class, the Pyromancer (which is my character’s inner demon), is integrated into both the Warrior and the Ranger. They both can use magic while also using their own abilities and attacks. Very cool!

I struggled between loving the game and hating it in my first hour of play time. The Warrior has incredibly slow attacks because they’re powerful. I didn’t realize that at first because I started with the slow attacks. So, initially I was like, “Oh my gawd this combat is slow and horrible”. I thought it was going to be like that the whole game.

I advanced through the story a bit and acquired the Ranger class and immediately I was like, “This is more like it!” Then a couple of minutes after that I was back to hating the game.

I had a lot of mixed feelings because the tutorial wasn’t very good. I think the game might have been better off if I could have chosen my class from the start and then learned about the others while playing. But I totally understand why it’s done the way it is and it works, just not very well. It almost made me not want to continue playing the game but I refused to give up on it because it looked so damn cool and played out okay. I had to find out when it got cool. And I did right at the first boss who just happened to be super epic!

The first time I opened up the skill tree to check it out brought a smile to my face. It’s not super deep or anything but it was exactly what I was hoping for. After having first earned my Pyromancer class, I ran out of mana super fast. The skill tree immediately helped with that and now I’m just an all out total badass that can switch between slow and fast attacks with firey magic of doom. Of course the trees are split into three with improvements for each class.

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Bound By Flame First Impressions Summary

After getting past the first horrible hour, I really like the game. At this point I can’t insist that you purchase it but I like it. The graphics are very pretty. They’re like a mix of Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur. Not realistic but not cartoony either.

For whatever odd reason, the combat is action-rpg but with an optional targeting system like Dark Souls. I have yet to find a real purpose for it, sticking to the basic face my camera in the direction of my enemy and slash away. The difficulty of enemies is also similar to Dark Souls but with a bit more fast paced action.

I’m really glad I pushed through the first hour of the game. While I have to put up with a lot of disgustingly horrible dialogue, I’m really enjoying it so far.

More screenshots. Bound By Flame was developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive.



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