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Alan Wake is one of the greatest games I have ever played. It’s semi-inspired by my all time favorite author, Stephen King but that’s not even half of the reason of why I love it so much. The story is really good. It’s about a writer who finds himself caught in a reality of one of his own books. It’s pretty trippy but in a very believable way because he isn’t dreaming but he is living a nightmare.

My very favorite thing about Alan Wake is the way the artists/developers (I don’t know who does what exactly) worked with the use of shadow and light. The shadows are alive and frightening. They float around you. It’s pure art. I’m talkin real shadows here, not the scary characters also made of shadow. I never did write an impressions article on the game because I hadn’t started writing at the time I had played through it. Maybe one day I’ll play through it again and get to write all my thoughts down on it. I have started it over a couple of times but I just have too many games to play that I haven’t completed so I continue playing those instead.

Anyways, so what the heck am I writing all this for? Remedy Entertainment has added some pretty cool and new free bonus material for owners of Alan Wake, new or old. Here is everything that’s included in the bonus material:

  • Bonus Videos including early demos, making of documentaries, the story of Remedy, a Balance Slays the Demon music video (I can’t wait to check that out), and a clip from the Harry Garret Show.
  • Visual Exploration featuring concept art, production photos, wallpapers, and printable cardboard cutout characters (that’s funny and cool’ish).
  • Graphic Novels (my favorite part) offering two new stories titled Night Springs and Psycho Thriller. These are written by Sam Lake and Mikko Rautalahti.
  • Soundtrack featuring music from Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and sheet music of Alan Wake, both composed by Petri Alanko. Beautiful stuff.
  • Lost pages giving the complete screenplay for Alan Wake! And also scripts of The Writer and The Signal, narrations, Mr. Scratch videos, radio shows and manuscript pages.

alan wake graphic novel

This is all very cool stuff to me. The big reason being that I really enjoyed the story of Alan Wake. American Nightmare wasn’t as good to me due to the loss of it’s more survival horror feeling for a more action kind of game. (Much like what happened to the Resident Evil series since the third game.) It was still very cool. The story of American Nightmare was just as good as the first. I just really missed the shadow and lighting effects of the first game. 

I had seen Remedy Entertainment mention this new bonus material on both their Facebook and their Twitter accounts but I had expected the bonus material to automatically update to my game on Steam. Apparently it didn’t and I had to go manually snag it up. No big deal. You can check out the store page of the material for yourself. 

What do you think about it? Have you played the game? Are you as excited as I am about the new  cool bonus material? 



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