My name is Jeremy Reich and I love video games! There are games I’m not too happy with, and ones that annoy the living crap out of me, but overall I just love all video games. was created in order to share what I think is the coolest gaming news, what are the best game sales, and whatever cool gaming related things are going on in the gaming world. I will not post articles about games I’m not interested in. I may not play every game I write about here, but if I’m writing about it, I think it’s worth having a look at. I will probably have played, or will play every game that’s mentioned on this site. This is the vault of my own personal gameverse. I am happy to have you join my world! A header and logo are still in the works! 

Most video game news and sales shared on this site will be U.S. based. I will try to share giveaways and such for other countries but that will rarely happen as I’m American so I follow American gaming sites. Please feel free to share any special articles or giveaways that you are really interested in to me and would like me to share and I just might! Just message me on my Facebook page. My Facebook page will also have things that are not posted on this site from time to time.

The “Oh The Gameanity” section of the site is for articles that are more personal, and/or relate real life situations to gaming and vice versa, in whatever manner.

The Giveaway section is to share cool giveaways being hosted on many different gaming sites that you might not have seen. I hope to also host my own giveaways when I can.

I do my very best at offering spoiler free reviews of the games I’ve completed.

The GBlog is the newest addition to the site. These will be articles with thoughts and impressions that are not full reviews of the games I’ve been playing lately. Basically my gaming diary.

Trailers section for all the awesome new game trailers and gaming related trailers such as the Need For Speed and Heavenly Sword movies.

In the Hot Sales section I’ll be posting highlights of the better sales. These will be personal preference. I won’t be posting sales for games that I don’t care about unless it happens to be an exceptionally noteworthy sales price. You might be better off following my Facebook gaming page if you use Facebook since a lot of sales have a short duration and I don’t always have the time to post an article up about the sales right away.

If you’re in the mood to watch Vlogs, gameplay videos with commentary by me and even join me for live streams, please join me on Youtube and Twitch!

If for any reason you feel like contacting me, you can find me on my personal Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts. I may get a Contact page up in the future. I’m always on Facebook.

Finally, a super huge major shout out to a new gamer friend I made, Anel Otajagic. He made the beautiful Header image that I am using for the website right now. I really love what he made for me. He did not want me to share any links to his profile or artwork. I don’t really understand why. Thank you, Anel. =)

(Site has since been renamed.)

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